Friday, December 27, 2013

How to fix error 403 on android device

Got a new Android phone? Of course very enjoyable, because many existing android app on Google Play. But after a Google account log in for complete, got even download process it can not . There is a notification like this "could not be downloaded due to an error ( 403 ) . Wow, of course will be surprise us to be bad mood .
How to fix error 403 on android device

yes already rather than added difficult , tried Google ask first how to overcome this android error 403. According to some sources, this error occurs because of a problem that we use the Internet network, whether WiFi or cellular or Google account .

rather than lets linger, there are several ways that we can do to overcome the error 404 in android .

- If the 404 error occurs when you are connected to a Wifi network . Try turning off wifi , and switch to the cellular network .

- If the problem is in your Google Account
In the drop down menu options in Google Play, select the account and select the account that you would use on Google Play . If not successful, the same drop down menu select Settings > Clear search history. Still no luck ? From home select Settings > Application > Google Play > clear data and clear cache . Then open and log in again to Google Play .

- If this happens when you use the cellular network .
Check if proxy is enabled, if active, turn off Settings > Wireless & Networks > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names ( APNs ) > network operators > Proxy ( disable / remove )

- If the proxy is not active, the other possibility is a matter of setting your internet provider. Make sure the APN settings for broadband internet use instead of setting WAP / GPRS . If the APN option was not available, create a new APN. The trick, Settings > Wireless & Networks > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names ( APNs ) > New APN ( from drop down menu ). Enter the name of the APN, APN, username, and password of a broadband connection provider you use.

Try to Install the latest version of Google Play Store. The cause had  some fails download  at Play Store could may your Google Play Store has been expired / old.

Flash ROM on mean reset your android
This may be the last option . Flash your android ROM, It could restore to default Google applications system (other than the Play Store ) it may missing from your mobile phone.

If you have any doubt in the case just try flashing, to do flashing go to Factory Reset.

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